Microsoft Surface tablet at $499 is not good enough

Microsoft announced recently that the price for Surface tablets will start at $499. While this might be same as the price of a similar Apple iPad I don’t think it will help them.
Microsoft Surface tablet with White keyboard Cover

Most people will tend to buy tablets based on three parameters – brand, price and platform.

Apple, Samsung and Amazon have the brand locked down. Samsung and Amazon also have the price advantage with both low end ($199) and high end tablets along with having a widely used platform – Android, on their side.

That leaves Microsoft with a small group of enthusiasts and people who don’t care about app stores etc and just want a tablet to watch video and surf the web.

The Microsoft Surface tablet is 9.3mm thick,has one USB port and comes with 10.6″ ClearType display. The detachable cover is 3mm thick. Some reviews claim that the display is better than that on an iPad and the keyboard cover is a boon for content creators. 

I think this is going to be a tough battle for Microsoft even though they have a great device. Not to mention their whole Windows RT/8 thing confuses people. Having said all that, apparently the pre-orders for the Surface tablets have sold out!! Holy #$@% Batman, I could be wrong!

A letter to Shahid Kapoor

This is free advice from a common man but having seen your last few movies, I think someone had to do this. 
  • Teri Meri Kahaani looked like a bad copy of Love Aaj Kal and the awful fake sets didn’t help. What was Kunal Kohli thinking? A good script is the only reason you should act in a movie, that or if it’s a mindless blockbuster that pays well. Read your scripts and judge them well before you sign up for a movie. 
  • Don’t do movies just because it’s being directed / produced by your father, mother, uncle, aunt, girlfriend etc. That’s a good way to commit career suicide. That won’t help you or your family.
  • Mausam could have been a better movie without the last 30 to 45 minutes. If it’s not going right, step in and make yourself heard, it’s your movie too.
  • Don’t do movies with Parineeti Chopra, it will not sell and it won’t help with Priyanka Chopra in the long run. While we are at it, make sure your heroines are not bigger than you, they can be taller and that’s sexy but not larger. Please, no Sonakshi Sinha either.
  • Success makes a man attractive. If you are successful, Priyanka or anyone else you fancy will come to you. 
  • This is a tough one but you need to get yourself in a couple of movies like Rocket Singh, Delhi Belly or even Band Baaja Baraat. There is no shame in approaching directors and asking for work. 
  • Practice for the award ceremony performance. This might not seem important but whether it’s hosting or performing, someone is always watching and that includes producers and directors. 

Can YOU out patent Apple?


Now that Apple has won the first round of the patent wars some manufacturers will turn towards Microsoft to spread their risk. This is not going to help Nokia since it means more competition for them. On the other hand, it will increase awareness about the Windows Phone mobiles.

While this might not be the best outcome for Android consumers, maybe it’s time to think about you.

Can YOU out patent Apple?

Many of the features patented by Apple have been seen in movies or in other devices much before Apple succeeded in commercializing them. Think Minority Report, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Braun? Perhaps now is the time to patent every user interface medium, mechanism, gesture control and any other way that we could ever imagine, to interact with a device in future. This might be the perfect time for concept artists and designers to make sure that their ideas and innovations are protected from the likes of Apple.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to patent your ideas, just take a look at some of these patents from celebrities. If they can do it, so can you. Who knows, your royalties might help you retire one day or fund your child’s education.

How the new Microsoft logo failed

It’s always a risk when large organizations rebrand themselves. Microsoft took that plunge a few days ago and I think they missed the mark. 

Enough has been written about how Microsoft needs to move out of the shadow of Windows/Office and rebrand itself. Unfortunately, the new logo does exactly the opposite. The color squares in the new logo are a reminder of the evolution of Windows and the logo that we have been seeing since Windows 3.1

With a rebranding exercise like this one, Microsoft should have gone for something that marks its path forward rather than reminiscing in the past.

Is parenthood worth it?

This is my take on parenthood. I am not a parent, yet but hope to be one someday.

From what I have seen, the best years of your parenthood actually depends on the age of your child. 
  1. 0 to 1 years – You just got done reading the your book on being a parent. You experience chaos, sleepless nights, helplessness and anxiety for your child mixed with moments of awe, wonder, love and joy.
  2. 2 to 5 years – These will be the best years for you. However, you will have moments when your child’s tantrum will make you wish you had used protection.
  3.  5 to 12 years – Your kids slowly start becoming aware that they don’t want you around their friends. Your time is filled with concern for their education, their developing personality, the kind of friends they make and if they are safe where ever they are. There will be some buddy moments in between and times when your kids will make you laugh but they will pass.
  4. 12 to 18 years – Your kids are totally ashamed of you and consider you enemy #1. They think your sole purpose in life is to hold them back from doing things they like. You want to make sure their future is secure and their education will support them. You wish your kids understood what you do for them. It’s sad. Don’t forget you will still worry about them. 
  5. 18 to 30  years – Your kids meet you once in a while. Some will realize what you did for them, some won’t.  It’s a tough life. You worry about their jobs, about their marriage, will they find the right partner, are they eating right? The days your kids acknowledge what you did for them, you will be emotional. Most won’t.
  6.  30 to 40  years – You are anxious about their partner, when will they find one? If they are married, are they happy with their spouse? Are they being treated well? When will they have kids? Are your grandchildren doing ok? If you have a son, coping with their spouse will be like point #4 again. If you have a daughter, depending on what her husband is like, you will spend your days peacefully or in anxiousness.
  7. 40 to 50  years – You are concerned for your children’s their health and your grandchildren’s education/careers. 
  8. 50 to 70  years – You are still concerned for their health and hope they are not the first ones to go. 
Although the above forecast does not look too bright, those moments of happiness and wonder that your little ones bring will make up for all the hardship and anxiety that you might have to endure. So if you are wondering if you should or should not have a child, I'd say - Go for it.