Is parenthood worth it?

This is my take on parenthood. I am not a parent, yet but hope to be one someday.

From what I have seen, the best years of your parenthood actually depends on the age of your child. 
  1. 0 to 1 years – You just got done reading the your book on being a parent. You experience chaos, sleepless nights, helplessness and anxiety for your child mixed with moments of awe, wonder, love and joy.
  2. 2 to 5 years – These will be the best years for you. However, you will have moments when your child’s tantrum will make you wish you had used protection.
  3.  5 to 12 years – Your kids slowly start becoming aware that they don’t want you around their friends. Your time is filled with concern for their education, their developing personality, the kind of friends they make and if they are safe where ever they are. There will be some buddy moments in between and times when your kids will make you laugh but they will pass.
  4. 12 to 18 years – Your kids are totally ashamed of you and consider you enemy #1. They think your sole purpose in life is to hold them back from doing things they like. You want to make sure their future is secure and their education will support them. You wish your kids understood what you do for them. It’s sad. Don’t forget you will still worry about them. 
  5. 18 to 30  years – Your kids meet you once in a while. Some will realize what you did for them, some won’t.  It’s a tough life. You worry about their jobs, about their marriage, will they find the right partner, are they eating right? The days your kids acknowledge what you did for them, you will be emotional. Most won’t.
  6.  30 to 40  years – You are anxious about their partner, when will they find one? If they are married, are they happy with their spouse? Are they being treated well? When will they have kids? Are your grandchildren doing ok? If you have a son, coping with their spouse will be like point #4 again. If you have a daughter, depending on what her husband is like, you will spend your days peacefully or in anxiousness.
  7. 40 to 50  years – You are concerned for your children’s their health and your grandchildren’s education/careers. 
  8. 50 to 70  years – You are still concerned for their health and hope they are not the first ones to go. 
Although the above forecast does not look too bright, those moments of happiness and wonder that your little ones bring will make up for all the hardship and anxiety that you might have to endure. So if you are wondering if you should or should not have a child, I'd say - Go for it.

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