Why The Dark Knight Rises failed

I saw The Dark Knight Rises. I wrote about my expectations earlier. This is my 2 cents on the movie.

It was ok. It’s not that the whole movie sucked (Marion Cotillard was hot and better than Maggie Gyllenhaal), I cheered for Batman to get out of the pit but that didn’t have to be Batman. It was more like a movie about the French Revolution with criminals. The comic superhero feel was lost in all the extended city-going-to-hell montage. It could have been a movie about cops and criminals without Batman (maybe John McLain? I’m kidding).

I think it was a good movie but not a good enough Batman movie. I’m not sure who is responsible for this,  Nolan or Batman. I think the dark and serious tone set for the movie did not allow for fancy stunt sequences like the ones from Avengers or Iron Man (by the way, Iron Man 2 sucked). But there still are ways to do dark-serious-action-stunts. I think the blame falls on Nolan for this one. While character development is great, Nolan tends to take a long time to explain every detail of the story and set up the characters, leaving little room for action.

Will I watch this again on DVD (Blu-ray is over rated)? I don’t know, may be. I hated Matrix when I first saw it but after watching a few times, it kind of grew on my. I know, its weird. I was hoping to see a Superman movie directed by Nolan someday, based on his work on Inception, I thought he might do well. Now that I’ve seen TDKR I am not so sure. He seems to stretch the material a little and I don’t want another Superman movie to suck. The old ones were bright and cheerful (the opposite of dark and brooding) and still kicked ass. I hope Man of Steel rocks.

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