Why The Dark Knight Rises will be boring

I will probably be stoned for saying this but I got bored while watching The Dark Knight and I fear The Dark Knight Rises could have the same effect. The Dark Knight was so looonnng I was waiting for the credits! While I’m at it, let me also add that I got bored watching Inception.

I don’t have anything against Christopher Nolan. The guy is fantastic, I love his ideas, I hope to see more of his movies but I think he needs to let the editor do his job… or get a new editor. Both movies were longer than they needed to be. I think the whole joker-bomb-on-the-boat sequence could have been skipped. In case of Inception, he could have skipped the whole sequence on the snow capped mountain or cut it real short. These are extra/extended scenes that are best suited for DVD’s and Blu-ray. Fan love this shit and I am one, I’ve watched Batman Begins a million times but haven’t been able to sit through all of The Dark Knight again.

Since I’m going to hell, I might as well add that Maggie Gyllenhaal was disappointing as Rachel Dawes :( I wish they had someone else for that part.

I have a feeling that The Dark Knight Rises will be just as long but I’m hoping I will have the patience to sit through it.

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