Infosys Executives perform better than Developers

Infosys is often touted as the software industry’s bellwether by the paid hacks at India’s largest newspaper/tabloid rag. It's top executives and head of verticals were considered to be thought leaders and with good reason, the HR and the rest of the executive team might fall short on many levels but they are one shrewd lot.

A few months back they announced that there would be no hikes for their employees. There was uproar, we had a town hall and heard the same old excuses. People went back to their cubicles. Once the employees had accepted their fate, we learnt that the management would get a hike. There was some more noise, but not as much I guess. I guess the management team is working harder than the employees and maybe they are performing better as well, which explains their hikes (even though our results argue otherwise). Since there was some noise, management scurried to make a press release denying the whole thing. Our management team is made of rock stars and they are taking a beating like the rest of us.

In 2008 we were told that we were experiencing a recession. Not to call them clueless but someone decided to go ahead and hire 30,000 graduates under those circumstances. I would have assumed that the management and HR are paid those huge salaries to plan for such situations and that any sane leader would fire the person who made that decision but that’s just me. Since we had to honor our commitment to these 30,000 new hires, we were told it would be a tough year and you know what that means. Just to be clear, I have no issues with these 30,000 new employees but with management’s arrogant attitude. History is being repeated now and management is getting a hike. While the rest of the employees had to scrape through that year, apparently the planet on which the management and the rest of the HR team operates, was not affected by recession which explains why our HR head - Nandita Gurjar’s salary almost doubled to approximately Rs.80,00,000 that year (this is based on data from the annual report). Maybe they need to catch up on their reading.

I am certain that our management will find creative ways of compensating themselves each year, whether we hear about it or not.

When your management thinks they are better than the developers, it might be time to find a better management to work for.

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